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Summer Study to Korea 2012
Summer Intensive Course in HK 2012
Chinese Lunar New Year Party 2012
Study Tour to Korea 2010
AABCS Chinese Lunar New Year Party 2010
Study Tour to Korea 2009
Korean Day 2009
AABCS Chinese New Year Party 2009
Information Day 2009
"Hot" Korean Culture Night
Information Day 2008
First Korean Major graduates in HK
Celebration of Korean New Year
Ms. KANG KIM Hyewon on Korean Cable TV

One of the most famous Korean Cable TV, YTN, introduced Ms KANG KIM Hyewon, the Lecturer and Korean Section Leader, in their program "Global Korean", as the pioneer of Korean Studies in Hong Kong.
Korean Costume, Hanbok
Korean Program students wearing Hanbok
Korean Martial Art, Tae Kwon Do
Our students of CityU Tae Kwon Do Club
Korean course students in Korea, 2002-2006
Korean Scholarship Study Tour in Korea
Cultural Fest@Library for Korean Royal Costume Exhibition, 2004
Prof. Yu(Director of the Library, 2004), Prof. H K Chang(President), Mr. K T Kang (Korean Consul General, 2004), Ms. Wanda Lau (Acting Head of the LS Division)
Korean Martial Art: Tae Kwon Do Demonstration at CityU Library, 2004
Ms. Kang Kim Hyewon, Mr. Lee M G(Chairman of Korean Chamber of Commerce), Mr. Moon M (International referee of Tae Kwon Do), Mr.G T Kang(Korean Consul General, 2004), Prof. H K Chang(President), Prof. Yu and Tae Kwon Do players
Korean Consul General's special lecture, 2005
Mr. Cho W B (Korean Consul General, 2005- ) at CityU for AABCS Korean program students
Korean Scholarship Tour 2006 Exhibition