Faculty of Arts and Humanities


The Faculty of Arts and Humanities currently offers two degree programmes and seven associate degree programmes. With the knowledge and skills acquired from their repective diciplines, our grauates are all well-prepared for further study and employment.


The Faculty of Arts and Humanities has more than 30 well-qualified full-time academic staff. We are a multinational, multicultural community - our teachers currently come from Hong Kong, Mainland China, UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Spain, France and Canada.


In addition to its own AD programmes, the Faculty also offers

  1. internationally recognized language assessment tests (PSC, for Putonghua; DELE, for Spanish; KLAT, for Korean; and TCF, for French);
  2. College-wide English language requirement courses;
  3. Summer English enhancement activities such as Summer Splash and the Grammar Drama Camp;
  4. ELTS preparatory courses.